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By registering as a user of you accept the following general terms and conditions for, subsequently referred to as T&C. 
            i. Representatives
                    EWMD International e.V. is represented by two members of the  Management Board. The EWMD International Presidents and the International Treasurer constitute the Management Board of EWMD International e.V.
            ii.Register of Associations
                    EWMD International e.V. is registered in the Register of Associations (Vereinsregister) of the Municipal Court of Wiesbaden (Amtsgericht Wiesbaden) under registration number VR 3602.
                    Although we check linked sites carefully, we assume no liability for their content. The operator of linked pages is exclusively liable for their content.
                    Responsibility for the content of National Chapters’ pages is held by the President of the respective National Board or by the National Representative. In the case of countries with Regional Groups in addition to a National Chapter, responsibility for the content of the Regional Group’s page is held by the President and Vice President of the Regional Board. Contact details can be found on the respective pages.
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Register of Associations: Amtsgericht Wiesbaden
Commercial Register: VR 3602

Existing German law shall apply. Place of jurisdiction: Wiesbaden.

Version dated 26.04.2018 is published by
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1 Subject matter
The purpose of the website is to bring together registered members of EWMD International e.V., to coordinate events and to achieve the objectives set out in the Articles of Association. The website may be used by registered members or guests. Registration as a guest is the first step towards becoming a member of EWMD International e.V. Guests have restricted access only to the website.

2 Membership
The prerequisite for use of is membership of EWMD International e.V. As set out in the Articles of Association of EWMD International e.V., any natural person may become an individual member, and any legal entity or association of individuals may become an institutional member, provided such a person has a strong commitment to the objectives of EWMD International e.V. The procedures for becoming a member are laid down in the Articles of Association and may be subject to additional country-specific regulations.

3 Registration; pledge of good faith
The following rules are to be observed when registering for
1. The user undertakes to provide true and complete particulars.
2. Each user may register only once and set up only one user profile.
3. Each user chooses her or his own password during registration. The password is confidential and may not be communicated to third parties.
4. The T&C must be accepted during registration.

4 Payment for use
Use of is free of charge for guests. Payment for the extended functionality available to members of EWMD International e.V. is included in the membership fee.

5 Grant of rights of use
The rights of use to the information uploaded by users are granted to EWMD International e.V. to the extent that this is necessary for using the network. In particular, EWMD International e.V. has the right to copy the content uploaded by users, to make it publicly available and to process it.

6 Duties of users
Users must observe a behavioural code in line with the Articles of Association of EWMD International e.V. In this spirit, they are expected to respect cultural diversity, for example, and strive to contribute to the exchange of experience and views across all national, political and other boundaries. Applicable laws and the rights of third parties are to be observed when using the content and services provided by Posts must not violate the rights of personality of other users and must not contain insults or defamatory criticism. Posts that might constitute grounds for criminal proceedings (e.g. discriminatory, racist or pornographic content) are forbidden. Users must not infringe the privacy rights and/or copyright of others. Advertising is expressly forbidden. 

7 Infringement of rules of conduct/duties
If rules of conduct/duties are disregarded, EWMD International e.V. reserves the right to delete posts on and to exclude users. Legal action will be taken in the case of posts that might constitute grounds for criminal proceedings.

8 Duration and termination of contract
Use of as a guest is limited to 24 months. After 22 months will send an automatic notification of the imminent expiry of the guest profile. If the user decides not to become a member of, registration on will be deleted automatically after 24 months and content will no longer be saved. Guests may cancel their free use of at any time and without giving any reason. If membership of is cancelled, the member’s profile will be deleted automatically at the end of the notice period and content will no longer be saved.

9 Responsibility for user content, data and/or information
EWMD International e.V. accepts no responsibility for the content, data and/or information provided on by users or for the content of linked external websites. EWMD International e.V. expressly makes no guarantee that this content is truthful, fulfils a certain purpose or can serve such a purpose. 

10 Liability of EWMD International e.V.
Claims for damages – regardless of legal grounds – against EWMD International e.V. (including its agents or proxies) which presuppose ordinary negligence shall only be valid in the case of infringement of an essential contractual obligation (cardinal obligation). Cardinal obligations are obligations upon the fulfilment of which a user can rely and without the fulfilment of which due performance of the contract would not be possible. Claims for damages in such a case are limited to typical foreseeable damages.

11 Indemnity against liability
Each user of indemnifies EWMD International e.V. against all claims, including claims for damages. Other users or third parties cannot therefore assert any claims, in particular claims for damages, against EWMD International e.V. resulting from illegal content posted by a user on

12 Privacy
EWMD International e.V. is aware that especially sensitive treatment of personal data provided by users to is extremely important to those users. EWMD International e.V. thus abides by all relevant legal regulations concerning data protection (German data protection laws, EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)). Details are laid out in’s privacy policy.

13 Final provisions
        13.1. Amendments:
                    EWMD International e.V. reserves the right to amend these terms of use without giving a reason, unless such an amendment is unreasonable for the user. EWMD International e.V. will inform users in good time of changes to the T&C. If the user does not oppose the validity of the T&C within six weeks of being informed of any change, the amended T&C will be regarded as having been accepted by the user. 

        13.2. Safeguard clause:
                    Should a provision of these T&C be or become ineffective, this does not affect the overall effectiveness of the remaining provisions.

        13.3. Place of jurisdiction and applicable law:
                    In the case of judicial disputes, the following information should be observed